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Increasingly, our customers are looking for a sustainable promotional gift or a promotional gift with a story. They want to give something away and thereby contribute to a better world. A very well-known and popular example is the Dopper. Founder Merijn Everaarts invented this sustainably produced drinking bottle after he saw a documentary about the ‘plastic soup’ in the oceans.

Social enterprise

Dopper is a social enterprise, which means that it is not about making a profit, but about improving the world. Doppers are not only produced sustainably, part of the sales turnover also goes to the Dopper Foundation. The foundation supports drinking water projects and contributes to awareness about plastic waste. With that, you as a giver of the gift will make a good impression, too.

An alternative with a story

Are you looking for a sustainable promotional gift with a story, but would you like to give something other than the Dopper? Recently a new product has been added to the webshops of our Dutch retail labels: Correctbook. Correctbook is also a social enterprise. With their endlessly reusable notebooks they help reduce illiteracy and paper waste. 10 to 25% of the turnover is used in collaboration with the foundations Kwaza and Rhiza to reduce illiteracy in Africa. By selling their products here, Correctbook can use its booklets in places where they are badly needed. Of course he booklets produced in an environmentally friendly way.

Your logo and your brand style

Correctbook offers you as giver extra opportunities to tell your story to the story of Correct. The booklets are fully printable in full color. With your logo and in your house style. Do you want to contribute to the fight against illiteracy? Then go to the Van Helden and Van Heijster webshops for a quote.


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