For more than 50 years

we’ve been supporting our customers with the best promotional products.

By giving tailored advice and reliable service we contribute to their brand experience and success. Quality gifts that are seen and used every day. That’s what we call powerful advertising!

Favorite Gifts - Our Story

We’ve been in the industry for so long, that we know what works.

Our customers need flexibility and reliable quality. That’s why we test our products and print them at our own locations, with dedication and craftsmanship. That’s how we help our customers to build their brand experience.

Through the years different brands joined the family

In 2009 we changed our name to Favorite Gifts. Now our headquarters is in Tiel, the Netherlands. More than 450 people are employed at Favorite Gifts.

Our facts

At Favorite Gifts we have our own printing facilities

Our production location is in

Bolesławiec, Poland.

In 1965 Adrie van Helden founded the company Van Helden Relatiegeschenken.

After receiving valuable advice about the increased popularity of the ballpen, he started selling printed ballpens in the evening as a door-to-door salesman. The part time job turned out to be a tremendous success. Thanks to entrepreneurship and family support it grew into an international company.

What started with the sale of branded ballpoit pens, is now an international company with branches in seven countries. Ballpoint pens are still an important product in our range, but today we deliver more than 5,000 unique products directly from stock.

Our board
of directors

Our board of directors consists of four people who define our strategy and lead our company.

Arno van Helden

Chief Executive Officer

Arno van Helden

Arno van Helden is Chief Executive Officer of Favorite Gifts since 2020. He is a tradesman at heart with a strong focus on purchase and sales. In 2009 he became part of our board of directors.

Michiel Warners

Chief Financial Officer

Michiel Warners

In 2013 Michiel Warners joined Favorite Gifts and he has been a part of our board since 2016. Michiel is responsible for finance, HR, IT and legal.

Norbert Koop

Chief Operations Officer

Norbert Koop

In December 2018 Norbert Koop joined Favorite Gifts. As Chief Operational Officer he is responsible for studio, production and logistics.

Dolf Blomhert

Chief Marketing Officer

Dolf Blomhert

Dolf Blomhert joined Favorite Gifts as Chief Marketing Officer in December 2019. As CMO he is responsible for all marketing departments.