As a company we have a social responsibility. For Favorite Gifts this means to treat our people, customers, suppliers and environment well. We conduct our business in an honest manner, set high standards for our products and are a good employer to our employees, in each country we’re active in. How we do this? You’ll find out here.

At Favorite Gifts

  • We work according to the ISO 26000:2010, the international guidelines for CSR;
  • We apply the SA 8000 to ensure good working conditions.

High standards for our suppliers and products

Many of our products are imported from Asia. To make sure human rights are respected when producing our products, we set high standards for our suppliers and make sure the working conditions are checked locally. In addition, all suppliers of Favorite Gifts have to be SA 8000 certified to ensure good working conditions.

We pay realistic prices when we purchase our goods. This enables our suppliers to treat their employees well, both socially and financially. The competitive prices of our products are the result of our size and large purchase volume.

The quality and especially safety of our products is essential. Nearly all our products that are imported from outside the EU are provided with an European (CE) certificate to guarantee their safety.

A pleasant employer for our people

As a family company we want to be a great place to work for our employees. That’s why we focus on things that matter: good terms of employment, health and personal development. This is reflected in our pension plan, the availability of stand-up desks, vitality trainings, RSI-prevention and much more.

As an organization we’re continuously growing and changing into an international environment. At the same time we value our people and want to keep everyone connected. That’s why we focus on training and education, so our employees develop themselves and keep up with the changing environment.

Being aware of our impact on the environment

As a company we are aware of our impact on the environment and are committed to reducing it. In our offices we do this, for example, by using energy-efficient lighting and using low emission cars. By now we’re using less energy per square meter than similar companies.

We also look at our products. We’re continuously searching for ways to package and send our products in an environmentally friendly way. In addition, we check the environmental impact of the products we purchase and we’re working on a system for environmental classification of products on our website and in our catalogue.